This is the guide to deployment of the Cloud Formation Template product for Secured WAMP with Aurora on Windows Server 2016

Secured WAMP with Aurora on Windows Server 2016 brings together ease of Windows operating system with Hardened Apache, PHP connected to AWS Aurora RDS

WAMP : Web development platform on Windows that allows you to create dynamic Web applications with Apache2, PHP, and MySQL. This product Replaces MySQL with highly available MySQL Compliant Cluster -Aurora on secured Windows platform. Enterprises are plagued with problem of maintaining a MySQL Cluster including backup, Security and overhead for administration. This product offers Highly scalable, Multiple AZ MySQL Cluster -Aurora. You can replace Aurora Connection String in place of MySQL.

Use cases:

Instead of installing and testing CMS like WordPress from scratch, you can do it on with easy and secure deployment with Cloud formation template. WAMP acts like a virtual server. Cloud Formation and Aurora offer scalability and security for production use.

High Availability:

The deployment is highly available with deployment across availability zones.

During deployment you can choose the regions

Deployment time:

The product deployment via cloud formation template takes about 20 minutes.

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