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CFT: Secured WAMP With Aurora - Windows 2016

This is the guide to deployment of the Cloud Formation Template product for Secured WAMP with Aurora on Windows Server 2016

Secured WAMP with Aurora on Windows Server 2016

WAMP is a Web development platform on Windows that allows you to create dynamic Web applications with Apache2, PHP, and MySQL. This Stack Replaces MySQL with highly available MySQL Compliant Cluster -Aurora on secured Windows platform. Enterprises are plagued with problem of maintaining a MySQL Cluster including backup, Security and overhead for administration. This product offers Highly scalable, Multiple AZ MySQL Cluster -Aurora. You can replace Aurora Connection String in place of MySQL.
How to launch:
Click on Continue to Subscribe
Click on Continue to Configuration
In the configuration page click on the Select fulfillment option:
Select the fulfilment option as as Cloud formation Template
The Ready Template is prefilled
Input a stack name and choose the Availability zones where the Aurora DB is deployed and the instance type depending on the expected load.
Input the key name with a existing key which will be used to connect to the instances
Setup the Backup Retention for DB snapshots
Optional: Add tags or IAM permissions
Review all the settings
Choose the Rollback options
Information about installed components: Location of Apache Bin : C:\Apache24\bin Location of PHP: C:\PHP Location of htdocs: C:\Apache24\htdocs Location of Aurora Conn Strings: C:\install\Aurora_credentials.txt
Supported Regions:
Aurora MySql Supported Regions are updated automatically by AWS.
Security Recommendation:
Please Do not use root user for any deployment or operations. Here are the instructions for Using the AWS account root user